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Location, Location, Location

Scoping out new venues for Alpha Dawn’s client training experiences. Ever work on increasing team productivity flying in a C-47? Embracing diversity and inclusion training in a castle? Kaizen while Karting? Well, now you can!   Curious? Contact me at bill@alphadawn.com

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What is Consumer Perception? 

Consumer Perception is a theory of marketing that tries to explain the consumer’s motivation for buying—or not buying—certain products or even a just a specific brand of goods. In today’s economy, the competition is getting thicker.  This makes it harder for a company to differentiate themselves from the competition. So,…

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Viral Marketing Meets Ambush Marketing

Here’s a fun, quick and dirty video about viral and ambush marketing. We’ve used Facebook’s trending topic regarding the uproar of one of the “I ______ in my Calvins” ads in their #mycalvins campaign created jointly by Calvin Klein’s in-house ad agency and Wednesday’s London ad agency to show examples…

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