Business Engineering

Alpha Dawn helps industrial, commercial, logistical, and retail organizations perform at peak levels.  We are experts in hosting Kaizen, brainstorm, agile, and root cause analysis meetings.  Whether you need to get unstuck or you need to get to the next level to survive we can help you organize how you learn what you need to know to get there.

At Alpha Dawn we have expertly helped our clients with the following:

Business Development

  • Business Analysis    |    Business Plan Development    |    Business Requirement Documenting Training    |    Customer Requirement Training    |    Value Statement Crafting

Global Cultural Coaching

  • Business Protocols    |    Cultural Research    |    International Business Practice Coaching    |    Translation Services

Leadership Development

  • Entrepreneurship    |    Executive Coaching    |    Mission & Vision Development    | Public Image Consulting

Managing Management

  • Management Team Building Exercises    |    Management Training    |    Right-Sizing Your Management Team

Marketing & Market Research

  • Branding    |   Buzz and Viral Marketing    |     Extreme Event Marketing    |    Guerrilla Marketing    |    Marketing Attacks    |   Marketing Plan Development    |     Mystery Shopping Program    |   Panel Services    |     Presentation and Speech Writing Services

Quality Program Implementation

  • Agile Training    |    Kaizen Blitz!    |    Root Cause Analysis    |    SCRUM Agile Implementation    |      Six Sigma    |    Total Quality Management (TQM)    |   Voice of the Customer