Learning & Development

“Solving business issues with learning solutions!”

We are cutting-edge experts in instruction and train some of the world’s leading experts in some of the most sophisticated and complex systems and processes in the world.

We have developed a world class organization that successfully blends the most progressive and time-honored instructional standards that allows us to develop quality products, quickly to market, at the lowest cost possible with satisfied customers.

We have partnered with some of the world’s leading organizations to develop training for their customers and employees.

We, and the learning solutions we have created, have trained tens of thousands of individuals to help them become better at what they need to do.

Some of our wildly successful deliveries include:

Instructional Design

Do your employees leave training sessions inspired and energized to try new strategies? Do they look for opportunities to extend their learning? Does current training improve performance?

If not, your training design may be outdated, boring or missing the target. Our instructional design consultants work with your department managers and executive leadership to:

  • Develop talent and performance management practices.
  • Custom-design engaging courses and materials.
  • Leverage the latest trends in talent management, including social media and mobile devices.
  • Integrate appropriate methodologies, such as the competitive assessment model and the coaching and development model.

Learning Effectiveness

Does your employees’ performance improve after they complete a training session? If not, why not? What can you do to improve your current training program?

If you’re unsure, you need better insights into your training programs.

Using valid data and a strategic approach, our expert consultants will work with you to:

  • Find and fix problems in training quality, alignment of desired outcomes, course content, training objectives, and employee access to training.
  • Establish, report on, and analyze the right learning metrics to increase training and development ROI.
  • Dramatically improve employee performance.

Sales Enablement

Is your sales team consistently meeting their quotas and goals? Are your sales reps closing as many deals as they could?

Your sales organization relies on you for resources and training to help them sell effectively. We’re here to help you support their success. Our sales enablement experts will work with you and your sales professionals to:

  • Objectively evaluate your operations, processes and tools, offering recommendations on what you can improve.
  • Identify key industry trends to capitalize on new opportunities.
  • Close leaks in your sales funnel.
  • Develop resources and processes to scale teams and sales success.

Leadership Development

Is your current leadership team actively helping employees reach their full potential? Are your new managers fully equipped with the tools and resources to succeed?

Today’s business environment is changing rapidly. In order to compete, it’s crucial for companies to develop strong leaders that not only rise to meet daily challenges – but also motivate a team around them to do the same. And that’s exactly where our experts come in. Our consultants will help you:

  • Drive the highest performance from your staff
  • Decrease ramp-up time for new managers
  • Evaluate critical skill sets
  • Update your current leadership curriculum or create new courses from scratch